Utility Aggregation Programs

Starting the Program

On November 8, 2005, Springfield Township residents voted to give township trustees the authority to seek natural gas and electric supply offers through Governmental Aggregation Programs. Currently, there are more than 200 similar programs across the state of Ohio. Our natural gas program began in April 2006 and many township residents have chosen to participate in this successful program. The gas program has provided a notable savings to participating residents. The township’s electric aggregation program began in April 2009 and continues to provide a viable option for many residents.

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The information found on this site is meant to provide you with information regarding both the township’s gas and electric aggregation programs. The township has always maintained that savings are not guaranteed with either program; however, the programs provide power in bulk buying giving residents a valuable option to try and manage energy costs.
  1. Electrical Aggregation

    Springfield Township continues to offer you an opportunity to save on your electric bill! Since 2009, Springfield Township has worked with retail electric suppliers on favorable electric supply prices for eligible residences and businesses. Township trustees recently selected Dynegy as the programs new electric supplier. Both Springfield Township and Dynegy are certified by the Public Utilities Commission to provide this service. As an eligible resident or small business, you will automatically be enrolled in the program unless you choose to opt-out (not participate)

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  2. Natural Gas Aggregation

    In 2005, Springfield Township voters authorized the creation of a natural gas aggregation program. Springfield Township has selected Constellation Energy Services, LLC as he preferred supplier for its natural gas aggregation program through February 2018. Learn more about Springfield Township's current natural gas aggregation plan for residents and small businesses.

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  3. What Is Aggregation?

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