1. Resident Notifications

    Citizens have a number of ways they can become informed of community issues, news and events.

  2. CodeRed Emergency Notification System

    CodeRED serves as the Township’s main emergency planning and communications outreach to citizens. Springfield Township has been provided an initial database of residential and business telephone numbers, however all residents living within Township limits are encouraged to enroll additional contact information including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses.

  3. Community Calendar

    Residents and business owners, schools and churches may submit their events and activities to the Township-Wide Activities Calendar.

  4. Athletic Organizations

  5. Schools

    There is no limit to the educational opportunities in Springfield Township. Our community is unique in that it is part of seven different public school districts. In addition to the wide range of public school opportunities, the community features a number of private academic options.

  6. Churches

  7. County, State and Local Service Links

  8. Civic Associations

    Springfield Township is a community of neighborhoods. Many of the neighborhoods have taken it upon themselves to form Civic Associations. This page provides contact information for the various Civic Associations in the community.

  9. Parks

  10. Recycling

    Find out what programs are available, what items may or may not be recycled, and more.

  11. Trash and Recycling Services

    Springfield Township is investigating the benefits of creating a solid waste district that may provide savings to residents. Learn more here.

  12. Utility Aggregation Programs

    Learn about how this program was started and what it means for residents.

  13. Winton Road Master Plan

    Access information about Winton Road and the Master Plan created for it.

  14. State of the Township

    Attend the annual State of the Township community address to learn more about the progress and plans happening in Springfield Township

  15. Newsletter

    Springfield Township is committed to bring residents news they want. View our latest newsletter information and subscribe to receive customized information that you are interested in.