Daly Road Resurfacing Project

Project Responsibility: Hamilton County

Construction Estimate: $1,580,000

Project Location: Daly Road from Hempstead Drive to Meredith Road

Scope of Project: Complete rehabilitation of the road infrastructure. Construction will include removal of the existing asphalt, and resurfacing with new blacktop.

Funding: This project is being funded through Hamilton County’s Road and Bridge Fund as well as a State Capital Improvement Grant.
Status: This project was bid out by the county. The project was combined with the Township's Hempstead Road project to save money and time.

Contractor: Ray Prus Construction
Project Schedule - Daly Road & Hempstead Drive
Phase 1
Curb replacement on Hempstead Drive
Approximate starting date: 4/17/17
Phase 2
Curb replacement on Daly Road
Approximate starting date: 6/10/17
Phase 3
Embankment Repair on Daly
Approximate starting date: 8/23/17
Phase 4
Removal of existing asphalt on Hempstead and Daly Road
Approximate starting date: 9/1/17
Phase 5
Resurfacing of Hempstead Drive and Daly Road with new blacktop
Approximate starting date: 10/1/17
Phase 6
Project Completion
Approximate starting date: 11/1/17

Project Manager - Ted Hubbard - Questions should be attention to Tim Gilday,
513-946-8900 tim.gilday@hamilton-co.org
Bid Award Date: February 2, 2017
Construction Schedule:

Estimated Completion Date: November 1, 2017

Update Notes:

Last updated 2/3/17

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