The Administration Department works collaboratively with all departments that service Springfield Township residents. Offices are located in the Civic Center/ Fire Department located at 9150 Winton Road.

The Township Administration is led by Christopher Gilbert, who has been with Springfield Township Township since 2003. The Administrator is appointed by the Board of Trustees as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township with overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations of all Township functions. The Administrator directs and coordinates the overall activities and provides direct supervision of all Township department heads and administrative staff, including: Police, Fire/EMS, Public Works, Development Services, Recreation, and Senior/ Community Services.

Finance, human resources, economic development, park rentals, events, zoning, and property maintenance functions are conducted by the Administration Department. The Administration Department also oversees vendor relationship and Township service contracts with the Hamilton County Sheriff, Colerain Fire Department and the Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission.