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About The Springfield Township Fire Department

Founded September 1, 1996, the Springfield Township Fire Department utilizes highly trained personnel to provide emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention, and public education to the residents and businesses of the township. Based on service areas, population, and emergency responses, Springfield Township Fire Department is one of the fastest growing departments in Hamilton County. The department averages over 4,800 medical emergencies and 1,500 fire emergencies annually. Springfield Township Fire Department currently carries an ISO rating of Class 2 (one being the best) for fire insurance purposes, which places the department in the top 3% of all fire departments in the United States. In 2018, The Springfield Township Fire Department was named Fire Department of the Year by the State Fire Marshall.

Fire Department Mission
The mission of the Springfield Township Fire Department is to maintain a quick response to medical and fire emergencies with an adequate number of trained professionals, using quality emergency medical and firefighting equipment. Fire Department personnel recognize the trauma that an emergency can bring, and will provide service with compassion and dignity. Our sincere caring for the people that live, work and visit Springfield Township motivate us to provide expeditious quality services.

Fire Stations

The main Springfield Township Fire Department headquarters (Station 79) is located at 9150 Winton Road. A second station (Station 75) is located at 10335 Burlington Drive. The township manages contracted emergency medical services with neighboring communities to assure the quickest response times to its outlying neighborhoods.

Training & Equipment

In addition to hundreds of training hours spent annually on educating personnel, the Fire Department is also proud of having some of the most advanced equipment. Fire suppression equipment includes five engines, two 75 foot Quints (ladder truck), a medium duty rescue truck, and a Zodiac water craft.


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are provided by five paramedic units that carry Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) equipment, such as 12 lead cardiac monitor / defibrillators, cellular telemetry, and Academy of Medicine approved pharmaceuticals. The Springfield Township Fire Department operates under standards established by the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati.

Medical Director

Thomas E. Charlton, MD