Winton Road Master Plan


About the Project

The Winton Road Streetscape Project was a joint effort between the township and the Hamilton County Engineer’s Office. The vision for this project is a direct result of meetings between the township, the county, business owners, and residents that took place several years ago in order to devise a strategy to revitalize the commercial areas of Winton Road. It was determined that Winton Road should be widened to provide a safer more adequate roadway for the amount of cars that utilize it on a daily basis. Additionally, it became apparent that in order for existing businesses to reinvest into their properties and to attract new development to the area, the township needed to invest into the infrastructure of Winton Road to create a sense of identity. Therefore, the streetscape plan was initiated.

In partnership with the county Engineer’s Office, the township created a plan that would take advantage of the fact that the county would be performing construction on Winton and incorporated the streetscape plans into the road construction project. The result is a more cost-effective method of completing the project. The streetscape project consists of decorative sidewalks, street lights, landscaping at major gateways, and mast arms at the intersections of the two Comptons and Galbraith.

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The Winton Road project has already been a catalyst for private investment into the revitalization of the Corridor. Centro Realty, owner of Brentwood Shopping Center, Kroger, Chipotle, Walgreen’s, and Panera Bread are but a few of the users that have already invested millions of dollars into the re-development of the Corridor, in part as a result of this project.

In conclusion, the township made an investment into the revitalization of Winton Road and is setting a standard for development in the future. Along with this investment, township officials will continue to work closely with the business community to attract and retain quality businesses that increase property values and provide residents with the shopping choices they desire.

Winton Road Design Guidelines