Snow Emergencies

Springfield Township has over 400 streets. Of those 400 streets, approximately 92 miles of the roads are owned and maintained by the Springfield Township Public Works Department. An additional 40 miles is considered to be county roads, which run through Springfield Township but are actually are owned and serviced by Hamilton County.

The township generally declares a snow emergency when three inches of snow, or a significant amount of ice have accumulated on the pavement. A snow emergency is a situation where all vehicles need to be removed from the roadway in order to service the streets, making them safer.

The snow emergency is declared through the use of the major radio and television stations in our community and an e-mail notification will be sent to e-news subscribers. When a snow emergency has been declared, individuals have two hours to remove vehicles from the street. Removing cars from the roads expedites the snowplowing process and prevents vehicles from being snowed from the snow that rolls off the edge of the plow as it goes down the street. Vehicles that are not removed during a declared snow emergency are subject to a possible citation by the Police Department.