Junk Motor Vehicle Process

Springfield Township Resolution 80-2012 and Ohio Revised Code §505.871 gives Ohio townships the authority to remove any vehicle that the township determines to be a junk motor vehicle. The purpose of this code is to ensure the general health, safety, and welfare of Springfield Township residents. The Junk Motor Vehicle Process is administered and enforced by the township Administration Department and Police Department.

A junk motor vehicle is defined in Ohio Revised Code §505.173 as “three years or older, apparently inoperable, or extensively damaged”.

What does “apparently inoperable mean?” Apparently inoperable means that the motor vehicle is not functioning, or cannot be lawfully operated upon public roads or highways.

This definition includes vehicles that:

- have any buildup of trash that obstructs use

- have flat or missing tires

- have a nonfunctional motor or transmission

- have missing bumpers

- have missing license plates, or expired vehicle license plate tabs

Once a violation is reported to the township, removal of the junk motor vehicle occurs after a legally required notification process has taken place, and the Board of Trustees has adopted a resolution declaring the vehicle junk. If the vehicle is not claimed from the Township’s impound lot, the Board of Trustees may adopt a resolution allowing the car to be sold at auction. The cost of the towing and storage is assessed to the property owner if not paid.

Springfield Township Resolution Number 80-2012

Ohio Revised Code (link http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/505.871)