UC Mobile Stroke Unit

UC Stroke Unit
stroke unit

The University of Cincinnati Hospital opened the first-in-region Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU) August 11, 2020. The MSU is based out out of the Springfield Township Fire Station. 

A Mobile Stroke Unit is a fully equipped ambulance equipped with a CT scanner and everything needed to to treat a possible stroke patient during transport to the hospital.

The MSU can provide a CAT scan, determine a diagnosis, communicate with the UC stoke team, and deliver time-sensitive treatment within minutes.  And minutes matter when it comes to brain cells, and rapid diagnosis and treatment is critical for a stroke patient, improving overall functional outcome and potentially even life or death.

The MSU is staffed with a UC Health Mobile Care paramedic, an EMT, an RN trained in critical care and a CT technician, and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Stroke Team physician will respond via telemedicine.

As of right now the unit will only respond within 15 minutes of the Springfield Township Fire Department, but once a patient has been picked, up they can go to whichever hospital they choose. The Fire Department is located at 9150 Winton Roa. Officials say they hope to expand that response radius in the future.