What is a mobile stroke unit?

A mobile stroke unit is an ambulance specially designed to provide immediate care for patients who might be having a stroke. Stroke experts on the mobile stroke unit evaluate and treat patients right where they are, before ever getting to the hospital. The mobile stroke unit combines the expertise of Emergency Department staff and the fast response of an ambulance so patients can get emergency stroke care started as soon as possible. Unlike regular ambulances, the mobile stroke unit has a CT (“CAT”) scanner to diagnose a stroke, and several advanced medications to potentially treat a stroke as soon as possible.

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1. What is a stroke?
2. What is a mobile stroke unit?
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4. Why isn’t the mobile stroke unit leaving right away to go to the hospital?
5. Do all patients in the mobile stroke unit get clot-busting medications?
6. The mobile stroke unit is operated by UC Health. Does that mean all patients are taken to a UC Health hospital?