General Statement of Duties

Each police officer is assigned to a Field Training Officer (FTO) for training in police work, including firearms training. Upon successful completion of the field training program, officers are then permitted to work in the position of police officer. Police officers are responsible for the protection of life and property, and the investigation and prevention of crimes and the preservation of peace and order withinSpringfield Township. Officers must patrol the Township, enforcing laws and resolutions, arresting violators, investigating accidents and complaints, securing evidence and performing other duties as required.

EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED:(Illustrative only. This is not an exhaustive list of duties. All positions may not include all of the duties listed and the listed duties may not include all of the tasks, which will be performed.)1. Enforces laws and resolutions and issues citations.2. Makes preliminary investigations.3. Serves warrants and makes arrests.4. Testifies in court.5. Keeps records and makes reports.6. Creates favorable public image of the Police Department through among other things, courteous interactions, and professional appearance to the public.7. Attends community meetings, give speeches and demonstrations.8. Refers persons to proper agencies.9. Interviews and reassures witnesses, victims and relatives of victims of crimes and accidents.10. Controls traffic and spectators at emergency or crime scenes.11. Detects and preserves any evidence of a crime at the scene.12. Responds to and investigates vehicular accidents.13. Assists in rescue operations and in the rendering of medical assistance at the scene of vehicular accidents and other emergencies.14. Investigates public complaints.15. Maintains vehicle and other assigned equipment.16. Keeps order at large gatherings.17. Inspects buildings and commercial establishments for security purposes.18. Performs vehicle patrol.19. Preserve the peace; legally arrest violators.

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