General Statement of Duties
  • Responds to fire and emergency medical service calls when dispatched in accordance with established procedures and performance standards while on station or recall to ensure emergency services are administered effectively and efficiently.


    • Responds to emergency medical service calls as a first responder as assigned by Lieutenant; 
    • Adheres to the Incident Command System and performs tasks as assigned by Command to ensure that emergency scene management is efficient and effective; and 
    • Performs the tasks necessary to the emergency service provided, while meeting the physical demands required, including those listed in this job description, and while operating the tools and equipment required in an efficient and effective manner.


  • Performs various tasks in accordance with established procedures and performance standards to achieve desired level of emergency medical service and fire suppression objectives:


    • Participates in training exercises and drills as required or assigned by the Lieutenant to ensure state of Ohio continuing education requirements are met;
    • Participates in continuing education programs to ensure maintenance of State of Ohio EMT-Paramedic certification;
    • Completes reports and documentation as required to ensure compliance with department policy, State of Ohio, Hamilton County and Springfield Township laws and regulations; and
    • Conducts fire safety inspections and pre-fire surveys as assigned by the Lieutenant.


  • Performs and documents preventative maintenance, inventory and safety checks of equipment at the start of each shift and as instructed by the Lieutenant. 


  • Cleans interior and exterior of vehicles, maintains equipment and cleans fire station as assigned by the Lieutenant.


  • Provides effective verbal and written communication to the Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief regarding fire department needs, issues, programs, and activity to ensure these matters are addressed in a timely manner.


  • Collaborates with the Lieutenant on a regular basis to establish and review desired levels of service, and performance standards for assigned responsibilities to ensure thorough knowledge of policy and proper resources are employed.

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